Short Fiction – Reasons To Put Your Feet Up!

Welcome to my short fiction. I add stories to these pages whenever they’re ready. There’s no schedule. If you want to know when new stuff’s posted, joining my completely private mailing list by filling out the form on the right and I’ll let you know. Happy reading!

Short Stories by Tina Konstant

Short Stories

Click here for a collection of short stories including “Cottage Pie, Chips and Bread and Butter Pudding”, a story about a woman who just wanted a bit of space and “Her in the Yellow Coat”, all about finding yourself.

Flash Fiction

If you’re in the mood for a couple of quick reads, then click here for some flash fiction including: “So What’s Next, Jihadi John?”, a story about getting it wrong and “One Large Caramel Cappuccino” about getting it right.

Storytelling Podcasts

We’re just about there! Click here to go to the podcast page. First podcast coming in a moment… hang tight… we’re getting there!!


Daily Dose of Fiction

Just a bit of fun… A daily dose of very short fiction. Posted on the site and onĀ Facebook. Enjoy.