So You’re Dead – Now What?

So You're Dead...Now What? Collection of Short Stories about the Afterlife.
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So You’re Dead… Now What?
A Collection of Short Stories and Flash Fiction

There are more theories, beliefs and ideas about the afterlife than anything else in our human experience. They exist because believing in something gives our mortal bodies comfort whenever we contemplate the big question: What Happens Next?

So You’re Dead… Now What? is a collection of flash fiction and short stories that adds to the mystery of the afterlife. If there really is life after life? What does it look like? What are the first steps after death? Religion and spirituality give us some ideas but no proof.

What you’ll find…

  • In “What Happens Next” you’ll meet Violet who, at 97, is on her deathbed. Do you ever wonder what goes through someone’s mind when they’re that close to the end?
  • “Change One Thing” has a slightly different take. Chloe really does want to change just one thing. She does. It’s just not what she expects.
  • “Death Surprised Me” is, in a subtle sense, a revenge tale. Careful who you mess with. That’s all I’m saying…
  • “Roses” is a story about letting go. It’s the hardest thing to do.
  • If you’ve ever argued about getting lost or taking the wrong turn, then you’ll enjoy “Road Trip”. Sometimes a map just isn’t going to get you to where you want to be.
  • “Into The Breach” is all about taking the first step.
  • “Three Seconds” is about the choices you make. Every single decisions has an impact on your life… And your death.

There’s more…

These short stories are part of a series. Once you’ve enjoyed I Didn’t Do It! have a look at So You’re Dead… Now What? A collection of stories about the afterlife.

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