InspirationJust getting into Twitter and I’m following a guy called Jonathan Gunson at He’s got some interesting stuff on how to enjoy Twitter without getting tied in ribbons, bows and knots.

Anyway… In the email transactions between saying hello and downloading a course on Twitter for Authors, he added the following message on writing to the bottom of an email – from a writer friend of his:

“Sit quietly by a window and frame an idea… After a brief time, the pen moves, a word is written, and suddenly, you have the beginnings of something grand.”

So it’s 2014. A grand start to a wonderful year. Our ambitions and resolutions, as writers, invariably turn to what we’re going to deliver this year. What we’re going to finally finish. What we’re going to publish. But it’s so easy to get lost in the business of writing (websites, PR, social media…), that we can easily forget about the writing itself. Instead of looking out of a window and framing an idea, we’re busy looking at the repetitive detail that fills out lives.

So make only one resolution this year. WRITE. Just WRITE. It’s OK if the laundry piles up a little. Write this year and make it count.

Have a wonderful 2014.