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Weekend Fiction
New Weekend Fiction is posted over the weekends 🙂 I tried to do it daily but when I’m in the thick of writing a new book, it’s too much! Too much, I tell you!!

Note to Self – Stop Thinking So Much! (Haiku too)

Got to thinking today about how much time we lose over-thinking things. There’s a little Haiku to explain what I mean.

Blog: Journey Notes for Writers

The blog is where you’ll find the Daily Dose of Fiction along with notes from my own journey. I’ve been working on cracking fiction since 2003 (I KNOW! Some people take longer than others), so by now, I keep things pretty practical and real. There might be something here that can help you along the road. I don’t often send emails out, but you’re welcome to join the mailing list if you fancy. Ways to search the blog:

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OK. The Daily Dose of Fiction crashed and burned for a while. It started because I needed a break between projects but knew I needed to keep writing. Then I started the next novel (attempt number 8 or 9 – lost count) … and things got hard! So I switched off. Did it help? I don’t know. The story I’m working on is still all noddles. You might have experienced this: You know what you want to say, you have the characters lined up, you have the world mostly mapped, you have a good sense of what you’re after… but you can’t find the end of the thread that, when pulled, allows you to turns “a general sense” into something you can write. It’s like knitting a jumper out of steam.

I think you just have to trust your mind, your heart and your connection to the universe where all noodles comes from. Here's a little Haiku:

Noodles in a bowl
Untouched they go cold and hard
Dig in and enjoy

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I've been thinking about fear today. How, to avoid ever finding out that we can't do what we dream to do, we don't try very hard to do it. Know what I mean? It's easier to "always be trying" or "working on it" than it is to do our absolute best and fall short. But what if we don't fall short? So many people have been credited with this quote - Jack Canfield, Nathan Ricks, George Addair and more recently Will Smith... So it's got to be true. ... See MoreSee Less

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