Ideas, ideas and glorious inspiration!

hMy bet is you’re not just a writer. You’re also an employee, a parent, a cleaner-upper and a dozen other things, which doesn’t leave much space for inspiration because you’re too busy fussing about what keeps money in the bank, your job secure, your kids safe, your dogs fed, your grass short, your garage clear… you get the picture. In our normal lives, there’s very little time for inspiration because we’re too busy dealing with the mundane. So if you’re starved of ideas, take a moment to look at what’s going on in your head.

Do yourself a favour… Take a moment to sit down with no distractions (I know, you might have to go to the toilet to do this – and even then, there’s no guarantee) and write down everything you THINK about every day. Not the stuff you do, but what you THINK about. What fills your head? What do you plan, worry about, fret over? Here are a few examples:

–     When to walk the dogs
–     Sorting food for animals and humans in the house.
–     Dinners for the next week
–     Mail
–     Finances
–     Space
–     Grass cutting and lack of it
–     Cleaning the car
–     Sorting the house, garage, office
–     The boss or your staff
–     The job, the need to get one or change one
–     Kids uniforms
–     Issues at school
And the list goes on forever…

Now, have a look at that list and be REAL about when you actually DO this stuff and how often it needs to happen.

–     Walk the dogs? Once a day. Do you really need to think about it?
–     Feed the animals and the people in the house? Plan a menu, write it down and move on.
–     Kids to school? Morning.
–     Household admin? Once a week.
–     Cut the grass? Saturday morning. Again, do you really need to think about it?

You get my drift?

We might only need to do something once a day or once a week, but we think about it ALL THE TIME!

Instead of thinking about characters, story lines or learning something new and inspiring, we’re filling our heads with administrivia.

Instead of smelling the dish we’re preparing so we can let our characters do the same in the next book/short story, we’re thinking about a grocery list!

Ideas and inspiration are like orchids in a hailstorm. If all you do is rain hell down on them, they’ll have no space to grow.

So monitor your thoughts. When you find yourself fretting, pondering, stressing or re-hashing routine stuff, say instead: “Thanks, got that, I’ll deal with it when I need to. Now for something more interesting…”

Have fun today folks. Give your head some space and inspiration a chance.