Tell the Truth

Tell The Truth - a blog by Tina Konstant for people working on being a professional writer

There is so much advice telling you to “fake it” till you make it, but what if you just told the truth?

“I’m a one-man band working on a cool idea I’d like to tell you about…”

“I have a passion for making chandeliers out of tin cans and you’re my very first commission…”

“I’m knocking my pan in to get my first novel out which I hope the world will love! While I do that, I’m writing everything from short stories to articles to blogs! Glad to have you along for the ride…”

We get enough nonsense and half-truths from politics and advertising. So why add to it?

There’s a vulnerability that comes with telling people exactly where we’re at. It cracks the illusion that we’ve got it all sorted – that we know what we’re doing. Most of us don’t. We’re all working towards our visions and goals. So what’s wrong with saying so? Why do we have to be professionals from the start? What’s so bad about the learning curve?

So be honest: Where are you on your journey? Take comfort in the fact that there will always be others ahead of you and others behind you.

When people know the truth about where you’re at, they’ll know what help and support you might need.

Above all, have fun.