With these cowardly terror attacks still on my mind, here are three Haikus. They’re called “Different Shades of Hell”.


Touch her baby face
Last message, I love you, Dad
So to hell he goes

Two eyes down to none
Filmmaker’s lens fades to black
So to hell she goes

Bloody step in faith
Glory tales steeped in lies
So to hell he goes.


NOTE TO WRITERS: I almost didn’t post anything today. I’d written these Haikus but then got a pang of writer’s insecurity (you’ll know what I mean) and thought I’d just miss one day. Then I remembered I’d made a commitment to myself. To write and publish every day. To commit and show up and get better. If I miss today, what’s going to happen tomorrow? When we commit, we have to see it through – no ¬†matter what – as long as it doesn’t entail destroying people’s lives.¬†So get your words in today. Write and publish and produce. When you show up, your muse will too. Just get to work. You’ll find your way**.


** Haha… I’m still lost like a newborn puppy in a midnight gutter, but somehow, putting something out every day is bringing the strands together. It’s quite a journey we’ve chosen. More chances of failure than success, but if we don’t show up every day, our chances of writing what we want to write drop exponentially. So keep it going. Every day.