Flash Fiction


So You're Dead...Now What? Collection of Short Stories about the Afterlife.So You’re Dead… Now What?

A collection of short stories and flash fiction about the what happens next. Is there really a life after life?

I Didn't Do It! Short Stories and Flash Fiction by Tina KonstantI Didn’t Do it!

A collection of short stories and flash fiction about murder and mayhem. I warned you. Don’t say I didn’t!

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Below are a few flash fictions. So if all you have time for is an espresso, then put your feet up. If you fancy something longer, have a look at the short stories. Enjoy 🙂

“I’m leaving!” Sarah stamped her feet on the hardwood kitchen floor. Her fists curled into white-knuckle balls. “I’m going to live with Heinrich and Jean-Paul.” Sarah’s red curly hair fell over her eyes. She forced it back so hard strands came away in her hand. “And don’t treat me like a kid!” She screamed. “I’m not a kid!” Mary Ben stirred her tea. The teaspoon tapped the side of the cup. “Heinrich and Jean-Paul don’t want you to move in with them. They’ve already said so.” Read more…

The Stalker
“What happens now?” I know the guy standing next to me better than he thinks. We’ve never met. Not face-to-face. We’ve bumped into each other a few times. Or rather, I’ve bumped into him. I can be subtle when I want to be. Until now, we haven’t spoken. Strictly speaking, he still hasn’t. No, I’m not a stalker. This guy might disagree, but since he doesn’t know how long I’ve been watching him, he probably won’t. Read more…

Jihadi JohnSo What’s Next, Jihadi John?
“What? Come on! This wasn’t the deal!” John searches the horizon, spins around, looks one way, looks the other way, then scratches an itch under his chin. For as far as he can see, there’s nothing but desert. Miles of over-heated, steaming sand. Mountains of the stuff reaching up to the heavens. “Seriously, guys. Where are the girls?” Read more…

My Turn - Flash Fiction by Tina KonstantMy Turn
This is unbelievable! How long can something take? What part of urgent don’t these people get? It’s not the waiting that’s the worst of it. It’s seeing other people go before me. It’s seeing younger, brighter, sharper people ahead of me. People who don’t need this as much as I do. People who could wait. People who should wait. People in their 20s and 30s who have time on their side. Read more…

Large Caramel Cappuccino - Flash Fiction by Tina KonstantOne Large Caramel Cappuccino
I’m going to ask him out. Or ask for his number. I’m going to do it. Today. I’m going to do it! 
Gabby St. Clair clenched her purse between two sweaty hands. She hated coffee. Never drank it. Just ordered a large skinny caramel cappuccino every morning, seven days a week at 7.30 a.m. Read more…

LavenderLittle Things Matter
Sissy hears the words but puts the fork laden with sausage and potatoes in her mouth anyway. Ignorance. The best defence. If she can pretend she doesn’t hear the comments, the nips, the hints, the snipes, the little things that people say, then she won’t have to respond. Read more…

Downtime - flash fiction by Tina KonstantDowntime
Downtime is pretty cool. Gives you time to think. Evaluate things. Take me now. Here I am; nowhere to go, nothing to do, time to sit and let the world drift by doing its thing, not noticing me at all. Makes me want to close my eyes and listen to the birds for the first time in forever. Read more…

Friends - flash fiction by Tina KonstantFriends
“I think you should give him a shot.” Muriel wiped dew off the G&T she’d half drained in the sixty seconds since she’d ordered it. God, is this what she was reduced to? She felt like her mother.
“I don’t know, I mean…” Isabelle frowned at her friend. Always so confident. So certain and decisive. I take an hour to decide what knickers to wear… Read more


Child’s Play
The battle lasted 10 hours. No break. No single moment when the soldiers could lie down and stop – to breathe and think. There were no dark corners to sit and rest. Food was soaked with blood and mud. Water full of dead insects. Hot smoke burned their wings, dropping them to the ground to be crushed by running, hiding boots. “Otez! You there? Still breathing?” Read more…

Clock2First Impressions
27 minutes. I can’t wait that long. I’ll go nuts. Ticktock, ticktock. Come on people. 26… I swear, I’m going to pee myself. How do I know it’s 26 minutes? Not like I’ve got a clock to look at. There’s nothing here but walls. There are voices though. They’re being precise. Keeping time. Being good enough to speak loud so I can hear. 25… Good impression. Smile. Isn’t that what they say? Read more…

Conversations - flash fiction by Tina KonstantThe Conversation
“No such thing as real choice.” Herbert Skittle spat a globule of yellow spit on the patio. “Soon as you have to consider the consequences, you’re not really choosing. If I had a real choice right now, I’d bash your head in with this brick. I’d kill you stone dead. But I think of the consequences and I don’t do it because I don’t want jail time. So I do what I should do, not what I want to do. So no, there’s no such thing as real choice.” Read more…

Fifty-Fifty - Flash Fiction by Tina Konstant.Fifty-Fifty
“It’s funny,” Jesse murmured, her hand touching the glass. Behind it, an Island Taipan, the world’s deadliest snake lay still. Its yellow-gold skin moving only as far as it needed to breathe and dream.
“What’s funny?” Jesse’s nine-year-old brother tapped the glass causing the snake’s head to lift and sway, then settle on the rocky base it called home… Read more

Stash - Flash Fiction by Tina KonstantStash
“I have nothing to say.” Phillip crosses his arms and forces one chubby leg over the other then gives up. His leg won’t cooperate. Too short. Too fat. Sitting like that makes him feel like he’s going to roll off the chair which, he’s sure, will detract from the statement he’s trying to make: He has nothing to say. Nothing. Read more…

What happened to Charlie? - Flash Fiction by Tina KonstantWhat Happened to Charlie?
Charlie Wince taps his keyboard. Not typing anything, just tapping. Thinking. Watching. From where he sits, he can see right into his boss’s office. Or normally he can. Today, the door is shut, the blinds drawn. Something’s happening. Something that is going to hit him. And they’re whispering about it in the shadows. He glances around him. Three other people in his pod. Three other people working away like they don’t know. They know. They’re all keeping secrets… Read more

Firefly - flash fiction by Tina KonstantFirefly
“How many can you count, Mummy?”
“Thousands, Baby. Gilly-googleplex-millionopsis.”
Beanie giggled, rolled down the short hill and landed in a flowerbed, then looked back at the sky. “That’s not a real number!” she squealed.
“It is!” Casey rolled down the hill and squished into the muddy flower bed next to her six-year-old child… Read more