Flash fiction by Tina Konstant

Downtime - flash fiction by Tina KonstantDowntime is pretty cool. Gives you time to think. Evaluate things.

Take me now. Here I am; nowhere to go, nothing to do, time to sit and let the world drift by doing its thing, not noticing me at all.

Makes me want to close my eyes and listen to the birds for the first time in forever, smell the air and feel the earth, watch the bugs shift and burrow, digging their way into mazes that must go on forever right under our feet. If all you do is run around like a crazy person, you don’t have time to think about or even notice these things.

You need downtime to appreciate the quiet of doing nothing – not because you can, but because you have to.

Take that water drop. No matter what, it has to follow a path to its lowest point. Not because it can, but because it has to. Makes me think a bit about life. Not just mine. Everyone’s. That tiny drop will take the route with least resistance all the way to the bottom. It won’t rush or run, it won’t cry or complain. If it gets stuck, it’ll just sit a while until some more drop buddies bunch up behind it and they all tumble over the obstacle and carry on their merry way.

I could learn a lot from that drop. We all can. But we don’t. We fight and battle uphill. We argue and shout. We resent and complain. We do it all alone. Not wanting to share in the credit if we ever make it to the top of whatever hill we choose to climb.

If I was a drop for today, just today, I’d have woken up this morning, looked at where I wanted to go and taken the simplest, most uncomplicated route. I’d not have been surprised when I got ambushed by the world around me. I wouldn’t have been shocked at the size of things in my way. I wouldn’t have been scared when I got stuck. I’d have stopped and waited until things made sense and then carried on. No stress. No fear. I’d just accept the path for what it is. Like the drop. I wouldn’t have been bothered about a change in plan, because the plan isn’t really that big a deal. I’d have gone with the flow. I’d have enjoyed the ride. I’d have sat in the cracks and crevices and waited till the time was right to move.

Because like the drop, tomorrow will be the same. Tomorrow, the drop will start at the top and work its way to the bottom. It happened yesterday, it happened today, it’ll happen tomorrow. It’s life. Same is me. Tomorrow I’ll walk to school, meet my brothers and they’ll throw me down the well. Like the drop. Same as the drop. It happened yesterday. It happened today. I’ll happen tomorrow.

So downtime is kind of cool.

Lets you think about things while the world buzzes about not realising you’re there.