Persistence - a poem by Tina Konstant - your Daily Dose of Fiction

Having fully accepted the last book is trashed, I wrote this with persistence in mind. The gentle keep-on-going that allows you to let go and move on without any guarantee that what you embark on next will turn out any different. Here you go…



Tell me you’re done and
I won’t believe
You are too big to hide
In the shadows
Of the Baobab Tree at dawn
Where the black arrow flies
Looking for love.
Your dreams are loud
They sing where the wild things grow.
Even when you shut
Your ears and your heart
The black arrow hunts regardless.
So do not run.
Stand firm on the wide-open plains.
Catch the arrow with both hands.
It knows where to go.


NOTE TO WRITERS: The Daily Dose of Fiction is proving to have some interesting side effects. Over the last 14 years of “trying” to write my novel, I’ve gone through every possible mental contortion. If you’ve worked on yours for more than a few years, you’ll know what I mean. Your mind plagues you. It’s like oil on your kitchen floor – you can’t see it, but you know it’s there.

So, writing something to publish every day has generated some small shifts that might help if you’re a little stuck…

  • When you commit to publishing something every day, you really do sit down to write – with intent and focus. You don’t fret about it or squeeze 250 words into the last part of your day. You will, I promise, focus on it first.
  • To be in the state required to create something you like enough to publish, your day will take on a different shape – so you might find that you don’t succumb to sugar and afternoon movies so much. You’ll write and edit instead.
  • You’ll start to notice the world around you a little more. You’ll find yourself looking for stories and random conversations, contact and life.

Bottom line… writing something to publish every day is a great way to get your head out your butt.

That’s it. Try a Daily Dose of Fiction yourself. It might shake the rust from some of your joints.

Enjoy your magnificent day.