There’s something beautiful about this short form of fiction… This is Haiku number 3. Replacing “Private Moment”.

Why do you exist?
To find your note and sing it
One and Only You

Author’s Note:
Originally I had something different posted here. I hated it. But, when I started “Daily Dose of Fiction”, I committed to posting short bits of fiction and not taking it down, rather, living with the feeling of what I posted and learn from it.

Well, I lived with “Private Moment” for 24 hours and couldn’t sleep so had to take it down. It wasn’t me. It wasn’t my voice. I wasn’t what I wanted to say. So I got to thinking about honesty, integrity and purpose.

When we’re on the right track we feel it. It’s not a cognitive thing – it’s emotional. When we feel calm and at peace, happy and mellow, we’re tapping into our joy which means we’re living honestly, with integrity and on purpose. But if we have that edge… that queasy, uneasy stickiness… that slightly off… out of sync feeling… You know what I mean… Then we’re not doing what we’re supposed to be doing and we should take note.

If we paid more attention to how we felt, we’d make better decisions. I think.

Have a wonderful day, folks.