49 Great Escapes from Writer’s Block

One of the most frustrating words a writer dealing with writer’s block hears is: “It’s Not Real”. Or, even worse: “There’s No Such Thing… You’re Just Being Lazy”.

Oh, My Lord!! ARE YOU KIDDING!!!!!

Hell no. I’ve been there and done that and I’ll tell you now: I worked more during those two years than I ever have. The trouble is, it was on the wrong thing. Writer’s Block isn’t about not being able to write. It’s about not being able to write what you want to write.

Writer’s Block is real and you’re not lazy or crazy

If you feel you’re trapped in a box and can’t get out, here are 49 great escapes that might help. You may need a combination of several ideas outlined in this book and it might take some time, so be patient.

What Writer’s Block Isn’t

Writer’s block isn’t something that goes away because you applied some cunning five-step technique. Chances are there’s something missing in your work, your ideas, your characters, or yourself as a human being. It’s up to you to work it out.

Unlike some careers, you don’t get to do a degree and then say “Thank you very much, woopdidoo, I’m a bestselling author”. There’s an evolution in you that needs to take place for which there is no qualification. You need to become the person you need to be, to be the writer you want to be.

This takes time and effort. It takes patience and diligence. It takes a calm and peaceful approach to your journey. It takes looking in the mirror and not taking yourself so seriously.

Some strategies in this book are practical, some are more about your head space. Some appear more than once, but are approached from a different direction. And some have a great deal to do not just with writer’s block but with becoming a better writer.

Since everyone is different and starting from a different place, there is no order to the chapters. Just whirl your finger above the table of contents and let it drop. Chances are, you’ll land on the idea or tool you need most at the moment.

Good luck!



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