A Collection of Short Fiction

Relationships hardly ever go to plan. You might have an idea of what to expect from people, but they regularly disagree. That’s not always a bad thing, but in I Love You, But… it’s not always a good thing either.

A Collection of Short Stories and Flash Fiction I Love You, But… is a collection of short fiction that looks at our relationships with each other, and ourselves and in many cases poses the question: how do we survive them! Some of what’s inside…

  • “Tidy Whities” is all about online dating and how love isn’t as far away as you think.
  • In “Bread and Butter Pudding” Josie just needs a little space! Is that too much to ask?
  • “Nobody Knows George” is a love story that shouldn’t have happened.•“First Impressions” is about… Nope… no spoiler alerts here.
  • “Fifty-Fifty” is all about taking chances. Sometimes they pan out, sometimes they don’t.
  • “One Large Caramel Cappuccino” is all about courage.
  • And more…


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