Mental Space

(Your Momentum – Pearson Education)


Fast life, too much pressure, too much work, information overload, no time to stop, not time to think…

Do you find you wake up in the night, worried that you’ve forgotten something? Always under pressure to perform, produce, be creative?

Sound familiar?

Might be you need some mental space. Stop, stand back and get a better view. Think big, but think with a plan. Reduce the panic and increase the joy.

Life isn’t getting any slower or less complex – what you need are solutions to help you think differently.

Mental Space is a collection of strategies, tools and ideas you can pick and choose from, all giving you more time to think, and a range of techniques for dealing with pressure. The book covers a whole range of topics with a new slant, from time management and smart prioritising, to creative thinking, problem solving, conflict resolution and much more.

Gain perspective, beat the time famine and make the space to be creative, innovative and happy.


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