Social Media and Finding the BalanceThe last two months have been interesting. I stopped all blogging and most social media because I had to finish my novel (just about… getting there… almost… yep…). In the process, I learned a bit about time, balance, social media addiction and getting what you really want done, done. Here’s the deal…

Social media is ADDICTIVE. You know this! You open Facebook, Twitter and all the other playgrounds you like to play in and before you know it, you’re three hours deep in conversation, finding crazy quotes, looking for articles you think folk will like and generally letting loose your stream of consciousness.

Here’s the question that entered my head after I stopped social media for just a bit: How the hell did I find time to write before!!??

It’s all about balance. Social media is fun. If you don’t like it but keep doing it because it seems like the thing you have to do, it soon becomes a chore, people notice and they stop paying attention. It really is a conversation. It doesn’t take long for people to realise you’re faking it and look for other folk to play with. It’s why some big corporations struggle in this arena. It’s all too obvious that they’re there to “have a presence” rather than have a chat.

But if all you’re doing is having fun with social media and you’re not getting any work done, then what’s the point? The reason you’re online, surely, is to talk about writing, your books, other people’s books, stories, characters, life and the universe. At some point, you have to produce what you’re talking about.

So make this deal with yourself. Enjoy your visits to the playground, meet new people, find new ideas, explore the world like we’ve never been able to explore it before. Time yourself. Set a clock. When it goes off. Stop.

Then write. Work. Publish.

When your books or short stories are published, put your social media contact details at the foot of the story. That way, slowly and surely, you’ll start having conversations about what you’ve written, and not just conversations about writing in theory.

It’s just a thought. All about balance, time and doing what you really want.

Happy writing, reading, publishing…

P.S. Just did a course by (Jonathan Gunson) on Blogging for Authors. Got a way to go to implement it… But it’s worth checking out.

P.P.S. Just posted a new short story. Hope you like it… It’s called Butterfly. It’s about how bad people don’t always get away with it.