Thinking Too Much (Part 2)

Thinking too muchAs you know from my previous post, I’m working on thinking less which led to all sorts of thoughts about what to stop thinking about. I think you can imagine how that worked out!

So I went looking for folk who might have mastered the Over-Thinking issue.

This is a recording by Barry Long titled How to Stop Thinking.

Here’s the blurb from YouTube:

“Barry Long demonstrates that nearly all thinking is unnecessary; enables you to separate from habitual thought and worry. The ten lessons on this extraordinary tape undermine the thinker in you, to free your pure awareness.”

I won’t pass comment. Listen to it. It’s 52 minutes and 43 seconds long.

If thinking too much is something you struggle with – if the noise inside your head stops you doing what you want to do – then you might just get something out of this.

P.S. Here’s another little video you might enjoy. It’s a talk by Seth Godin titled Linchpin.

OK. I’m off back to work…

Have a great day folks.

Writing Retreats: A writer’s place to be

Addo Reach and Hein's Cottage - writer's retreatJust spent a couple of weeks with family in South Africa. My mother’s house, a Bed & Breakfast in a little town called Alicedale, about an hour out of Port Elizabeth, is the kind of place writers dream about when they think about writing retreats. 

The only sound you are likely to hear is the buzz and hum of birds and bees, and random music drifting out of a neighbour’s open door. Peace and seclusion with just enough contact with the outside world to remind you it exists.

It’s in a place like this that you let go of ideas you thought you were wedded to and make new ones that seem somehow braver.

You don’t have to search for a quiet spot in this peaceful place to meditate. All you need to do is sit, and look, and listen to the early morning mist as the sun brushes against it. There’s a sigh in the air at the moment it clears the ground leaving the morning sky blue.

In the beginning, your town and city feet might itch; you’ll find yourself pacing and walking the halls, making tea and noise. Then, on your third day (give or take), things suddenly slow down and you’ll stop watching the clock or the shadows as they shrink and grow then take over for the night.

When you finally accept that nothing is going to happen – there’ll be no noise or chaos, no surprises or mad rushes – then your breathing will slow, your eyes will open and you’ll be able to reach that little bit further into the secret hiding places in your mind where the best version of the writer in you lives.

That’s a place you want to be. It’s the place you want to go to even when the world around you is mad and rushed and crazy. It’s the feeling of slow and still and quiet. It’s the sense of peace that only wide open spaces populated by little more than aloes and elephants can give.

From there, create and write. It’s exactly the place to be.
Hope to meet you there someday soon.


If you want to meet your characters, you need to BE QUIET

Give your characters space and time to show themselves. Be quiet. Still your crazy mind.
Give your characters space and time to show themselves. Be quiet. Still your crazy mind!

Have you ever tried to build a story line, create a character or run through dialogue in your mind only to be defeated by the cacophony in your head?

Arguments you would have won if you’d just said (fill the gap), things to do, plans to make, reminders to be reminded of, insults aimed at yourself or the person next to you…

The definition of MESS is matter out of place. The same definition can be applied to NOISE  as sounds out of place.

If you want to build a story line or create a character or run through dialogue in your mind, you need to clear out the noise. You need to still your mind. You need to shut up. You need to BE QUIET.

The brightest creations come out of stillness. It’s where What’s Possible lives. Connections are made in its silence. Worlds are created there.

Your characters are shy. Few will stand up to the chaos that usually fills your mind. Give them the time and space they need to come out and be discovered.

Happy writing today.
Tina K